Hello 2013

Starting the new year with a messy house…and convincing myself to relax ~ take it a room at a time.  It’s cold for Texas and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s winter and these chilly days might stay around for a few months.  The last few days, we’ve been running low on propane, so we’ve cut the heater real low, and kept a fire burning during the day.  It’s been nice and cozy and I think my Texas bones might be able to make it through.

Do you ever feel like you have time to play or just do something fun?  I’ve noticed that I have let myself fall into a trap of putting everything off until ‘the right time.’  Usually this means a clean and organized house, organized school work with detailed plans, or most unfortunately, it means a thinner Stacy:(  Gotta let it go…days are slipping by.

Here I am…laying out my ambitions for the next year, to share with you.  Don’t be upset with me if I come back next month with complaints that I just can’t get off my tocus.  Please don’t be upset if I arrive quarterly with a whole new list and half of todays scrapped!  We all need a starting point…………


  • Create a wordwrobe quarterly with ideas from Project 333 (I don’t have to be a frumpy stay-at-home mom) (Help and shopping trips with Julia)
  • Gather things for a craft bag and a planning bag to have with me
  • Fall below 130#
  • Take a spinning class
  • Take a yoga class
  • Journal fitness and diet; Be a Walky Freak
  • Talk with possible mentors on Aesthetician Skills
  • Take office skills classes
  • Take an A/P class
  • Certification for Colon Hydrotherapy (Yes! one of my lifes ambitions!)
  • Mom retreats
  • Retreat with Girl’s and trip with Julia
  • See Georgia atleast 4 times this year!  Quality visits.  Can we make something together?


  • Have more than half of our meals together; stop eating out!!!
  • Home Yoga practice
  • Special monthly outing
  • Enjoy our home, seasonally, weekly
  • Make memories of this place with lots of pictures
  • Game day weekly
  • Organize our pictures and schedule upkeep
  • Keep Tucker
  • Bible Study
  • Planning Pow Wows weekly/monthly
  • Get to Bed Early & Wake before kids

Kids and Homeschool

  • Swimming for All (Lessons for Littles, Swim team for T)
  • TaeKwonDo for All
  • Create Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Education Goals for each child
  • Include money skills for each and saving goals
  • Create family newsletter and yearbook
  • Cooking time in the schedule
  • Typing for Troy (and maybe a little for littles)
  • Continue with Classical Conversations and mom consider teaching Challenge A, Fall
  • Co-Op; mom teach literature class Spring; dad consider teaching next fall
  • PT/OT/ST Therapy for littles


  • Low spending as we create an emergency savings of 3K
  • Go over bare bones budget with David
  • Save 4 months of this!!!
  • Pay of T’s medical debt
  • Save for Stephen eye surgery
  • Eye appointment and glasses for all 5 of us!
  • Track spending (Include tracking mileage)
  • Can we have no spend weeks?  Days?
  • Open retirement funds for David & Stacy (even if I can only put $25 each monthly) (Thanks Frugal Trenches)
  • Consider blogging about debt
  • Lower said debt to $20K in 2013


  • Make a list and share….Homeskills to learn.  Seasonally?  Monthly?
  • Paint chairs
  • $$ for loveseat, new king sheets, towels for both bathrooms
  • Cutlery and knives for 15th anniversary
  • Domestic Day weekly
  • Learn to sprout
  • Bake Bread
  • Plan for gifts; birthdays, anniversarys, special days
  • Garden in two raised beds


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