To Blog or Not to Blog

Ok – having a hard time blogging.  The learning curve is tough for me and I use this as an excuse to procrastinate or not blog at all.  I’ll blog when I get an outline figured out for posting.  When I learn more about adding things to the blog.  What about all the neat WordPress plug-ins I’m reading about?  When I get a camera.  When I learn how to upload pictures.  It’s a lot like the old swimming issue: don’t get in the water until you learn how to swim.  So I don’t.  The water or the blogging.

I had hoped that over the summer we would have a busy work schedule and make some $$.  That I could come online and confess our debt numbers, but show that we were paying things down.  That I would be getting skinnier.  That the house would have sold.  Stories, stories, stories to share.

On June 22, we were in the emergency room with our oldest son.  Doubled over in pain and crying.  Piercing head aches. Pain running its course around his back hip and ribcage area.  We and doctors first thought it was a kidney infection.  Blood work showed another type of infection.  Bacterial.  Cat scan and MRI showed a mass around the muscles near his right kidney and spine.  Spent 5 nights at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin.  The last day, he received a PICC line in his arm and we were sent home to administer antibiotics five times a day.  For the month of July.

We’ve moved through the ordeal with optimism.  It has been interesting.  A life lesson.  Aching for others that never leave that hospital; or have to keep coming back – as part of their life’s routine.  Troy kept his spirits up and didn’t get fussy or depressed until the last week of the PICC.  It was removed the last week of July; with follow-up oral antibiotics for the month of August.  A new MRI showed the mass was gone, but inflammation near L3L4.  We will see an orthopedic specialist on the 15th to check this out.  His blood work still looks off-balance, but Drs. are suggesting this is a reaction to all of the drugs.

My son is up and running.  We feel blessed.

The bills are rolling in now.  As self-employed, we have our own health insurance, but a very high deductible.  Feeling very confident in keeping this organized and paying what we can.

We carry on.

I hate to admit this, but here goes.  Troy being in the hospital made me get up, get dressed, put my face and hair together, and get out of the house.  I had the challenge of driving into Austin to swap out with his dad, and it felt good.  In the middle of pain and worry, I woke up.  Facebook was a good portal to get info to friends and family.  I could plug in T’s latest procedure or symptoms and everyone knew what was going on.  I didn’t realize that this was a crutch until I talked with Davids sister on the phone.  When I heard a loved ones voice of concern, and I had to speak the words to tell her what was going on, I choked up.  Sometimes a crutch is a good thing.

My best friend, Patty, came to spend one day with me and bought me lunch.  Grandparents and aunts and cousins came to see Troy and brought him Legos!  He said it was better than his birthday.  Told me one night, “Mom, people must really love us.”  He also said, “aren’t you glad I got sick…you had to get out of the bed.”  Ouch.

We’ve already had a good month of August and I haven’t even recorded the magic…might catch up soon.  Back to our Story.


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