How did we get here?

This blog is a story of our journey.  A journey out of debt.  Out of the sticks.  Out of depression.

We’ve lived in this home since 2000. I want to call it a blessing.  I want to say that it has been good to us.  I want to be content.  But it hurts.

If I had recorded our story from the beginning, you would see the mistakes we made.  My husband worked harder than three men.  Running.  A business of roofing that fell into his lap, but not into his heart.  It paid the bills.  Some years we made great money.  Some where slim.  Without a plan, we blew it.  It was the old story of feast or famine.

On his “free” moments, we ran a small cattle business.  Small by Texas standards….68 head of cattle.  Leased land spread out all over our county.  Subsidized by the roofing business.

Look what we got to do….yes we are thankful.  We took a round the world trip.  We bought two trucks, a tractor, stuff.  Trips to the coast.  Some of it paid for.  Some of it put on  credit card.

But no plans.  Just running.  Blowing.

Now we are both at the end of our ropes.  Exhaustion.  Depression.  No work coming in.  If it was, it might be worse ~ more expenses due to the jobs, wear on truck, cost of gas, husband not sleeping.  Bleeding.

So we are slimming everything of its excess.  Slowing down.  Trying to be patient.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel if you will.

I want to share the money issues.  Show the debt.  But I’m ashamed.  It may or may not end up on these pages.  Maybe bit by bit.

There are many things to be grateful for.  We’ve held on to our marriage.  Some days better than others.  Our children and ourselves are healthy – we think.  Our home is paid for; and finished.

Now we sit back and try to plan what’s next in our life.  Try to see what comes our way.  Try to go where we are called.

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